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In our beachside environs of Naples and Boca Raton, there’s a certain style of coastal interior design reflected in luxury high-end homes. We simply can’t resist reflecting the coastal vibe in our home décor. From coastal cottage to coastal contemporary, there are numerous interpretations of coastal style. If you’re unsure of your favorite, our experienced Clive Daniel Home interior design team can help you decide which style best suits you and your home.


The coastal cottage design style unites casual and cozy elements to reflect the easy-going beachside lifestyle of Naples and Boca Raton. Picture clean, window-filled layouts that maximize the use of natural light and soft tones to evoke the breeziness of the beach. Your Clive Daniel Home designer can help you maximize large windows, glass doors, and skylights to make it feel as if there’s no boundary between the indoors and outdoors. More than likely, your Naples or Boca Raton home already features an open floor plan—a  favored layout for the coastal cottage style.

In our beachside environs of Naples and Boca Raton, there’s a certain style of coastal interior design that is reflected in luxury high-end homes.

Décor-wise, white is a common base shade in this beach-inspired style, often combined with airy neutrals and pastels. A Clive Daniel Home designer may also choose to incorporate light apricot, dusty pink, or shades of green against brighter spots of color like sunflower yellow and fuchsia. The coastal cottage look also includes architectural elements like white beadboard walls and ceilings, and floral or striped fabrics paired with fringe and trim to add visual interest.

Painted or decorated furniture offering graceful lines, weathered finishes, and textural elements like basket and natural-fiber rugs are also common among luxury coastal cottage-style homes.


Similar to coastal cottage, the modern coastal look starts with white and off-white tones, incorporating the soft colors of sand and sky with crisp, casual fabrics like cotton and linen—all topped off with the addition of various natural elements. Items like baskets, light woods, as well as rugs, pillows, and throws all provide texture in within the coastal contemporary-themed home.

Coastal contemporary interior design also favors light and natural materials. When utilizing this style, your designer might favor a single accent color like turquoise or coral throughout each room, while keeping things bright and airy throughout, adding depth with statement art and furniture. Furniture finely crafted from beautiful timber—like pieces featured in the Clive Daniel Home collection—will add warmth to your Naples or Boca Raton coastal contemporary-designed abode. Your designer can then play off the lines of your furniture to evoke the modern coastal vibe throughout individual rooms. Imagine designer chairs in a deep teal teamed with a flash of coral against a neutral backdrop to give your coastal contemporary motif a modern and bright spin.

No matter what your coastal style is, the award-winning interior design team at Clive Daniel Home, featuring creative visionaries such as Joanie Anderson, Associate ASID, is well-versed in both coastal styles, and can help you capture just the right feel for your Naples or Boca Raton home. Give Joanie a call in our Naples showroom at 239-213-7865 or email [email protected].

Image credit: Designers Jean Losier and Christine Loughery.