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Imagine relaxing in a luxurious tub in your masterfully-designed bath suite, soft light glowing, perhaps some music in the background. The feeling is decadent and lovely, as quality time takes on a new meaning in the opulence of the luxury high-end bath suite of your dreams assembled with help from your Clive Daniel Home interior designer. Utilizing the abundance of space available in a bath suite enables the imagination to run wild with possibilities. From a temperature-controlled floor to ultra-modern fixtures, it can happen in here.

The presence of nature either within the room or just outside the window adds to the general room theme of water. Adding a few plants to your bath suite not only provides color, it’s also healthy for the oxygen they emit. Discuss with your designer options like hanging plants or placing potted plants in elegant stands placed around the room. Some nature lovers prefer an entire area of plant life in a greenhouse setting, right there in the bath suite!  If you don’t prefer plant life within the bath suite, consider the splendid view through the window to your private courtyard outside. Take the idea a bit further by swapping the entire wall next to your tub or shower for a floor-to-ceiling version, and imagine soaking in the tub feeling like you’re outside with a full view of the majestic tropical wonder surrounding your Naples or Boca Raton home. Your designer can work with a contractor to make it happen. Should you decide on a window vs. the glass wall, seize the option for a gorgeous window treatment to complement the room.

For a luxury high-end bath suite with a timeless feel, think about opting for chrome fixtures and fittings. A great accompaniment to a marble scheme, chrome makes an understated addition that’s guaranteed to stand the test of interior design time for your Naples or Boca Raton home. One style that balances well with the shine of chrome is a fine marble. There are many styles of marble to choose from, which is why it is best to discuss options with a Clive Daniel Designer who will use an experienced, trained eye to know what’s going to work best.

…imagine soaking in the bath feeling like you’re outside with a full view of the majestic tropical wonder surrounding you…

Another possibility is a patterned look, accomplished using statement floor and wall tiles. The continuance of the pattern from floor to wall creates a luxurious effect around your fixtures. Save one wall to use as a completely mirrored wall for optimal effect to impress in your Naples or Boca Raton home. You could also opt to “split up” the room into its designated areas using partitioned walls or possibly a line of potted plants.

When considering the fixtures themselves that reflect your bath suite preference for your luxury high-end home, a stylish double sink speaks volumes. Go for a pop of color, perhaps choosing sinks whose circular wall stands above the counter. You could also opt for a sleek inset basin or a wall-mounted version for an ultra-modern feel for your luxury high-end home. You can discuss with your designer the option of one long sink to stretch along the counter that accommodates both faucets. There are some fabulous designs out there for these.

Your shower options are endless as well, whether or not you and your designer want to do glass walls all around or a tile arrangement. And don’t even get us started on showerheads, but by all means a statement double showerhead setup with extra jet sprays is always a nice touch.

Make your luxury high-end bath suite a place you may never want to leave, with help from a Clive Daniel Home interior designer like Jean Losier in our Naples showroom. Call her for some great ideas, 239-213-7806, or email [email protected].