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luxury Interior designer Ron Nowfel

Ron Nowfel, IDS

Interior Designer

Space and light and order. Those are the things than men need just as much as they need bread or a space to sleep. - Le Corbusier

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Ron has worked worldwide in both residential and hospitality design.

Ron is a member of the “Million Dollar a Year” sales club and has been privileged to have been selected to do the specifications and design work for the National Home Builders Associations “New American Home,” featured at the annual conference in both Orlando and Las Vegas.

His design worked has been featured in over 68 publications and coffee table books.  Other highlights include design and furnishing homes for the “Street of Dreams” origination which allowed him to push contemporary design to the limit and win Best of Show for “Coocoocahoo.”

Ron’s first major job was with David Siegel, the Orlando “Time Share King” designing for his Westgate Resorts. David, with a chuckle, tells Ron when they bump into each other at conferences that he taught him well!

When not working, Ron likes to read, play tennis and relax at home with his Goldendoodle.


Phone: 407-923-2648
Email: [email protected]

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