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Nicole Anastasi

Interior Designer Assistant

Making people happy while helping to fill up their homes with beautiful furniture feels like a home away from home.

In her position as a design assistant with Clive Daniel’s top sellers, Nicole Anastasi puts several years in the furniture industry into completing each assignment and task. Her experience as Assistant Manager in Corporate Customer Service as well as Customer Relations Manager elsewhere in the Naples high-end luxury furniture market has given her an appreciation for interior design and the detail that goes into creating a beautiful home.

A 15-year Ft. Myers transplant from New York City, Ms. Anastasi holds certifications in graphic design and website design, as well a Christian Counseling Certification from History Makers University and a degree in Theology from Kairos University.

Nicole’s outside interests are varied and include a passion for personal health as a fitness trainer and nutritionist. She also has 20 years of music directing for non-profit affiliates and events. She also is a website designer/marketing expert. Nicole also enjoys music and shares her talents regularly as a singer and entertainer.

[email protected]

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