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Leslie Murphy

Interior Designer

I love creating beautiful, comfortable spaces.

Leslie Murphy began her career in interior design after a successful tenure as a special needs teacher and assistant principle. An Oklahoma native, Leslie studied Education at Northeastern State University and got her master’s degree in Behavioral Studies from Oklahoma State University.

While Leslie thrived as an educator, she knew she wanted to do something more creative. It wasn’t until she moved to Naples in 2019, however, that she found an opportunity to do so. She began working as a home furnishings specialist for a furniture store, where she quickly learned she had a knack for design. She assisted designers with numerous projects before deciding to become a designer herself.

At Clive Daniel Home, Leslie loves being able to create beautiful, comfortable spaces for her clients. Her personal style leans contemporary, but she is happy working with all styles to create homes that are unique and reflective of their owners. Outside of work, Leslie loves to paint. She has been oil painting since she was nine years old.

Phone: 239.276.4626
Email: [email protected]

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