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Lark Muntz

Interior Designer

I enjoy creating timeless environments that combine contemporary with transitional interiors.

Originally from Strafford, Pennsylvania, Lark moved to Florida while in high school, attended University of North Florida and has lived all over the State. Her first job in the design industry was in walls, floors and windows. She later joined a design firm in Jacksonville Beach.

Lark loves the merchandising aspect of her job and she has always enjoyed working with outdoor environments such as pools and patios. She and her husband owned a pool and patio store in the Orlando area for six years.

Lark became inspired by interior design the first time she entered an original Robb & Stucky showroom and worked for Clive and Daniel in Fort Myers for several years. Then, 12 years ago, she opened a casual store for Larry Norris, helping to design the entire store, including construction and purchasing of furniture and accessories.

Lark has lived in Naples for ten years. She loves animals and she has a son who just finished his first year of college.

[email protected]

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