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Kialee Lykins

Interior Designer

Interior design can make a big difference in how life is experienced.

Kialee always knew she wanted to be an interior designer. As a child, she constantly rearranged the furniture in her bedroom and begged her mother to let her repaint the walls and update her bedding, drapes, and décor. “I was obsessed with finding ways to revamp my space,” she says. “To me, interior design can make a big difference in how life is experienced.”

As soon as she was able to, Kialee earned her certificate in interior designer through the Interior Design Institute and continues to further her education. Before joining the Clive Daniel Home team, she interned at Interiors Workshop of Naples and worked as an interior design assistant at Norris Furniture & Interiors. She also has experience in event design and planning.

As an interior designer, Kialee loves being able to meet new people, learn about their goals and vision, and help bring those dreams to life. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to constantly explore new ideas and express my creativity,” she says. “I find so much joy in being able to make others happy while doing what I love.”

When she’s not working on design projects, Kialee loves going to the beach, painting, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and dog, Leo. She also spends a lot of time reading Architectural Digest andVogue Interiors to find inspiration and keep up with the latest design trends.

Phone: 239.250.9351
Email: [email protected]

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