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Kelly Gabbert

Interior Designer

I love creating beautiful and warm environments to welcome people into their homes.

Kelly Gabbert began her design career working at different showrooms in Colorado, where she gained various skills and expertise in all aspects of interior design. After several years, Kelly eventually opened her own design store specializing in everything from kitchen and bath design to flooring and appliances. 

After moving back to Sarasota, where she was raised, Kelly joined Clive Daniel Home. “Clive Daniel Home provides every interior design service a person could dream of, which makes it a great place for me to apply my unique skillset and creativity.” 

Kelly loves being able to ideate different interiors tailored to each client’s personal vision for their home. She has worked on several notable projects, including the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, and always enjoys each aspect of the design process—from the background details to the furniture selections. 

When she is not busy designing, Kelly spends her time boating, paddle boarding, snowboarding, and hanging out with her family. 

[email protected]

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