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Glenn Sousa

Interior Designer

I love the transformation that happens by taking a mundane space and turning it into something special.

In his three decades working in design, Glenn Sousa has transformed hundreds, if not thousands, of interiors. Before moving to Florida, the Massachusetts native lived and worked in Rhode Island, where he owned and operated his own design studio, completing projects for both private residences and commercial spaces. 

Glenn’s most memorable project involved renovating the Providence Performing Arts Center, an opulent 1920s theater that hosts shows, concerts, musicals, and other performances. He was tasked with transforming the top floor’s meeting rooms into a place private members could relax and drink a cocktail before the show, during intermission, or after the show while traffic clears. He helped install a private elevator and turned what was once a plain room into a gorgeous space featuring 1930s furnishings with a speakeasy feel. Glenn even found a bolt of the original MGM fabric wallpaper that was used to cover the wall of the theater, and he used it to make beautiful new window treatments out of. 

In all of his projects, Glenn takes an artistic approach. Before he became an interior designer, he worked in the art world as a gallery director on Boston’s famous Newbury Street. After his clients kept asking him for help with their homes, he realized that design was a better fit for him. Even so, Glenn never lost his artistic or creative sensibilities. Over the years, he has done custom artwork for several projects, including murals for churches, hospitals, and private homes, and custom painted furniture, ceiling medallions, light fixtures, and more. 

“Art is always my first love,” he said. “I can take a piece of art and build a whole room around it.”

Glenn studied at both the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the Rhode Island School of Design. When he is not helping his clients achieve their perfect interiors at Clive Daniel Home, he enjoys painting, riding his bike, going to the beach, and walking his dog. 

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