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Adnilem Barrera

Senior Interior Designer

I believe creativity, humor and good practice can impact the quality of life.

Adnilem’s dream to study architecture and design began when she was a little girl in her native Cuba, later earning her Bachelor of Architecture and working with a rehabilitation project in Old Havana as part of its urban heritage. Always a giving person, she taught English classes to other students for fi ve years, perfecting her communications skills. 

Adni’s architectural expertise and her solid skills in urban, interior and contemporary design for both residential and commercial properties have made her a key asset to the Clive Daniel Hospitality team. From banks to spas to country clubs, this delightful lady has the visionary abilities to see far beyond the obvious and the listening skills to comprehend what a client truly desires. Her true passion for design enables her to see how projects are born and take them through each step to their successful conclusion. 

Since joining Clive Daniel Home in 2015, Adni has earned prestigious Aurora and Sand Dollar awards for her renovation and design work at Naples Bay Resort and Design of Year 2020 for Naples Bay Club, the Colony Country Club, Quail West Country Club, and FineMark National Bank & Trust. Her latest achievement is providing design and architectural plan sets for our new showroom in Sarasota. 

In Adnilem’s time away from work, she enjoys horseback riding, traveling and working on her new home with her husband.

Email: [email protected]
Office: 561-617-5565

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