Susan Green, ASID, IDS

Interior Designer

My style is to fulfill and exceed each client’s furnishing fantasy.

Susan has always had an innate ability to envision possibilities. Her professional career began in advertising for fashion companies where she ultimately designed private label sportswear for large specialty firms throughout the U.S. Then in her 20s, she learned the business aspect of each company where she worked and thoroughly enjoyed the educational process.

Originally from New York, she had earlier earned a B.S degree in communications at Boston University but later went back to her first love – design – and received a degree in interior design from the famed Parson School of Design.

After 30 years of being self-employed, she has learned that she excels at thinking out of the box. Susan has an extensive background in construction and working with architects, commercial and residential contractors and loves working on a project from the ground up. She likes using materials in non-traditional ways and believes she can see possibilities in everything.

A Florida resident for two years, this proud mother of two boys loves music, the arts and digging into cookbooks in her kitchen. She loves to prepare her own “Sunday Gravy” with homemade sauce, meatballs, and sausage. She admits it can only be made in multiple large vats to accommodate the many requests she receives for doggie bags!