Rhonda Lamb

Director of Business Development

Rhonda Lamb has extensive experience in all facets of home development, design, and sales. Prior to joining Clive Daniel Home’s Sarasota team, Rhonda was a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee. She has also worked in North Carolina, both as an interior design consultant and business owner of a local construction company. 

Rhonda’s passion for home improvement and design began in her childhood. Her father ran a masonry supply business, which exposed her to the industry early on and established a deep love for it. “I’ve always had an interest in making a house a home,” she said. “The process of bringing a project to fruition and completion is so rewarding.”

Throughout her career, Rhonda has been able to consistently develop and hone her expertise in customer service, communication, management, and leadership skills. As the Director of Business Development at Clive Daniel Home, Rhonda leads several cross-functional teams and plays a key role in the company’s sales, marketing, and management strategies.

Rhonda’s passion for people and design is evident in all that she does—both professionally and personally. She is invested not only in the growth of Clive Daniel Home, but also of Sarasota at large. She supports several organizations in her local community and is committed to helping nonprofits working to end homelessness and trafficking. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, practicing golf, riding her bike, trying new restaurants, and traveling.