Patti Wind

Interior Designer

There are NO rules!

Patti considers herself a true New Yorker, as she was born and raised on Long Island and later attended Hofstra University where she was also enrolled in graduate classes in the School of Visual Arts. Always having a keen eye for design and structure, she began her career in the entertainment industry as a location manager and associate producer for motion pictures, episodic television, and music videos in New York City. She later worked as a principal in a dotcom startup in San Francisco until she moved to Florida where she began to design independently for private clients.

Patti’s passion for design is undeniable, as she loves the process of transforming a client’s dream into reality and creating the oasis they desire. Often people have an idea for a space but are unsure how to make it happen,
Patti is always up for the challenge. She adds, “It is well known that you are only as good as your whole team. Clive Daniel Home is a family environment with an incredible support team. The leadership of our showroom allows designers to expand their wings and fly. It is a wonderful environment.” When Patti is not at Clive Daniel Home, her favorite pass times include travel, golf and cooking!
Office: 561.617.5545