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Martine Bishop Naples Interior designer

Martine Bishop

Interior Designer

I love to help my clients transform their home into a beautiful and practical place that suits their needs.

Martine Bishop joined Clive Daniel Home following a successful collection of independent interior design projects in the Naples area. A native of Paris, France, she is fluent in four different languages, a plus given Clive Daniel Home’s large international clientele. Her experience is also varied.

Ms. Bishop moved to Brussels, Belgium at age 17, where she finished her education with a degree in business and economics and headed straight into the business world. While traveling during her 17 years doing sales and consultancy work for major companies, she met her Canadian/American husband. They settled down in Boston for a period of close to 30 years.

After a few years of family life in Boston, Martine felt work calling and decided to follow her lifelong passion for art. Combined with her knowledge of different ethnicities and styles culled from her extensive international traveling, a career in interior design made the most sense. Martine attended school in Boston and upon receiving her interior design certification, opened her own company.

While traveling back and forth to France to visit her family, Ms. Bishop discovered a product not known in New England, stretch ceilings. This invention so intrigued her that she went to Mulhouse, France to become certified as a Boston area distributor. Working with local architects, she was confident that stretch ceilings would be an artistic success. Her instinct proved correct, as initial residential applications quickly grew to include many commercial projects including malls and restaurants.

After eight years of success, Martine’s husband sadly passed, and she had to close her company. She returned to the familiar world of sales in Boston and was often vacationing in Naples during the winter months. Upon moving permanently to Naples, she decided to turn once again to interior design. After completing several projects independently, Martine joined Clive Daniel Home.

Cell Phone: 603-918-8041


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