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Joseph Matthews

Interior Designer

It is such a joy to guide those I work with through the creative process with my vision.

 Joseph M. Matthews, III always dreamt of working in a creative field. Even as a child, he loved decorating the farmhouse he grew up in near Indianapolis, IN. Eventually, Matthews began his career in Los Angeles, working on high-end residential projects. His expertise later took him to the East Coast, where he collaborated with developers on multi-family and affordable housing projects in seven states. 

Having worked in interior design for nearly two decades now, Matthews remains just as passionate about his work as when he started. “I love how impactful one’s artistry can be,” he said. “I also love listening to and getting to know my clients, as well as seeing their reactions to my work. It is such a joy to guide them through the creative process with my vision.”

Matthews is capable of working on any design project, from homes to multi-family units to yachts. For him, it all starts with the budget. “I pride myself on being able to keep an honest budget and produce great work without breaking the bank.”

Outside of design, Matthews enjoys riding horses, taking polo lessons, volunteering at his local church, and spending time with family.

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