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Emily Calkins

Business Development Associate

Clive Daniel Home's cutting-edge designs, innovative approach, and standout culture within the industry are inspiring.

Emily Calkins received an associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in communication. After graduating, she began working in real estate as a leasing and marketing specialist. Within just a couple years, she signed more than 430 prospects and generated more than $4.3 million in sales. As successful as she was, however, Emily found her greatest strength in business development. She quickly learned to engage with potential investors, identify new investment opportunities, and manage all sales activities and leads.

During her time working in real estate, Emily was able to see and experience the effects of professional interior design firsthand, leading to a deeper appreciation for the design industry as a whole. At Clive Daniel Home, she will be able to combine her personal interest in interior design with her with her professional passion for business development. “I have always had an interest in interior design and seeing how designers are able to impact the mood and atmosphere within a space,” she said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to grow, develop, and contribute to this mission with Clive Daniel Home.”

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