Caroline Rogow

Interior Designer

It is a privilege to create client’s own special haven and personal space.

Originally from London, Caroline earned her B.A. from the V&A (Victoria + Albert) School of Design and went on to earn her M.A. from U.C. Berkeley. She currently serves on the board of IFDA (International Furnishings & Design Association) and IFDA Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Caroline has practiced in many parts of the world and has resided in Florida for over 35 years.

“Color is what drives me’ she shared. “As a designer, my mission is to earn a clients’ trust to better understand their needs. When all are comfortable sharing their lifestyle preferences, it is a win-win for everyone, which is the ideal outcome. I live in a color-filled world and strive to share this. The world of fine furnishings is ever evolving and I am happy to report here at CDH we’re light-years ahead. We ARE the trendsetters.”

Caroline specializes in both commercial and residential development. She was recently selected by The Kids Sanctuary Campus organization to create a space for the planned Boys’ Cottage. Many designers competed to be selected for this honor. “Wait until you see it,” she gushes.

Office: 561-617-5562